CEO & President, Jasmine Matta

Jasmine Matta has spent her entire career in the healthcare, wellness, and beauty space.  She acts as a wellness consultant to elite trainers throughout the U.S. and in private practice. As a healthcare practitioner, she has a particular interest in championing new technologies and has provided strategic advise to numerous start-ups in the health sciences space.

A graduate of Hunter College of CUNY and holds a graduate degree from Hofstra University, Jasmine serves as an advisor to the health and wellness startup and magazine, TheHauteRebel.com. She resides in New York City. 

Advisor & Chief Scientist, Mike Allen: 

Michael Allen, Founder and CEO of Glycon Pharma LLC has over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, founder, and management in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical devices in the areas of research, development, sales, marketing, and distribution.  He pioneered Dermal Restoration's central technology and holds over 20 U.S. and International Patents.

Mr. Allen has been the President and CEO of International Medical Innovations (IMI), a pharmaceutical company from 1991 until 2010. He was also the founder and President of Mid-South Medical Distributors, Inc., a medical distribution company that he started in 1983.  Prior to that, he spent eight years in charge of southeast regional sales to hospitals and physicians for the orthopedic and surgery products of 3M.  

He started his career in 1971 as an ethical pharmaceutical representative for Ayerst Pharmaceutical Company and received a B.S. in Marketing & Management from the University of Montevallo in 1969.

How does this work?

The key to our products is leveraging the body's natural, DNA-encoded processes towards the end of healthier, more beautiful skin. We specifically aim to increase skin health with improved beauty as a benefit. This is a key distinguishing factor - many treatments provide beauty "at a cost" to skin health.

Towards this end, we developed a topical application cream that enabled essential fatty acids to traverse the skin barrier. By doing so,  these EFAs can reach the fat cells associated with the skin (known as Dermal White Adipose Tissue) and trigger the expansion of this layer, as well as decrease inflammation, support collagen production and just generally support overall skin health and integrity. We were able to accomplish this in a cream comprised entirely of safe ingredients!

The end result is that we can now can turn back the clock on skin aging by repairing and revolumizing skin!


EFAs & PPAR – The Power of Catalysts

About dWAT

The cream's main function is to shepherd essential fatty acids (EFAs) across the skin barrier. From that point, the body’s own system takes over.

EFAs bind to certain nuclear hormone receptors (special protein within cells that ‘recognize’ the presence of hormonal agents – such as steroids and thyroid hormones – by binding with them and eventually triggering gene expression), the most important of which is Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor-gamma (PPAR-gamma). This complex then binds to DNA within the cell’s nucleus and by doing so triggers gene expression. The specific genes that are expressed include those which increase the development of adipose (fat) tissue.

What’s dWAT?

What makes this all even more powerful is that the fat tissue that is incorporated within and located immediately beneath the skin tissue is unique and differentiated from other fat tissue within the body.

This fat, termed Dermal White Adipose Tissue (or dWAT) has a number of distinguishing properties:

-        Shown to be involved cycling of hair follicles, wound healing, homeostatic temperature regulation of the skin, skin protection against infection and cutaneous fibrosis

-        Significant volume loss occurs during aging & photo damaging

-        Thickness is highly variable, especially in comparison to epidermis thickness

-        Hypothesized to be involved in the determining long-term effects of soft tissue fillers, skin hyperpigmentation, development of hypertrophic scars,  and skin efflorescences

-        May explain differences in aging patterns across ethnic races

By increasing the dWAT, we are able achieve benefits not just for the look of the skin, but for overall skin health (which also means overall health, as the skin is our first line of defense against the outside world).

Forthcoming Products

This basic technology is being optimizing it for specific applications and will yield a number of products.

Our first product to market is our Dermal Restoration Cream – helps with crepey skin, fine line wrinkles, and other conditions brought about by a decrease in the skin’s volume as we age.

Coming soon will be products for:

-       Sun Damage

-       Cellulite

-       Hand rejuvenation

-       Lip plumping

-       Eczema & Dermatitis

-       Psoriasis

-       Redness removal

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