Protecting Your Skin During the Warm Months


As the shines longer, and brighter, and the days grow busier, nothing should be holding you back from enjoying your summer to the fullest. Although we all love spending time outside, we love it the most when it comes at no cost. Unfortunately, UV Rays and the sun’s often harsh rays can cause great damage to your precious summer skin’s glow. But with the proper knowledge and products, our guardians PPAR-gamma (Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Gamma) and dWAT (dermal white adipose tissue) can make this a summer you’ll never forget for good reasons only!

Despite dWAT’s recent introduction into the scientific spotlight, it’s involvement in reducing damage from UV irradiation and key role in regenerating skin has proven dWAT to be the friend you and your skin can rely on this summer. A thicker layer of dWAT has been shown to be correlated with an increased response to UVR, proving that greater protection from the sun requires more dWAT. More dWAT in your summer life will not only provide your skin shelter from UVR, but will also act as an anti-ager (to learn more about dWAT and Dermal Restoration’s products with dWAT, click here).

But dWAT isn’t the only local hero you should befriend, PPAR gamma is also essential to helping you keep your skin sparkling these next few months, and for the rest of your life. PPAR-gamma is involved in stimulating changes within your adipose tissue - including generating more dWAT -, making it key to UVR protection and anti-aging. By playing a role in skin adipose tissue health and inflammation, PPAR-gamma is another friend you’ll want to lean on this summer to keep your skin healthy and happy from the sun (to learn more about PPAR-gamma, click here).

Wait…let’s back track. We all love the sun, so why is UVR exposure and sun damage so bad for you and your skin? Like mentioned before, UVR has been proven to accelerate the process of skin aging, but it also can make the aging body area dependent and cause a “mosaic” structure. This means that certain exposure will cause certain areas of your skin to lose its sparkle faster, and create uneven tones on your skin, which is not the summer bod you are looking for. Thus, ensuring that your dWAT and PPAR-gamma receptors are up and running, and plentiful, is crucial. dWAT helps with anti-aging and more PPAR-gamma has been proven to reduce your adipocyte reaction with UV rays, which means less sun damage.

The summer months are the best months, so don’t let your skin get in the way of all the fun! Let dWAT and PPAR-gamma take the lead to ensure that this summer is one filled with only good memories. Click here to learn more about dWAT, PPAR-gamma, and Dermal Restoration’s products that will keep your skin happy and protected.