Get Glowing this Season with Radiant Skin

How to get beautiful skin

The first of the sun’s shining rays during the early summer months can be a blessing to your mood and skin, especially if you’ve grown tired of constant gray skies and pale, pasty skin. Unfortunately, the summer sun is one of those things that can quickly start having negative consequences on your skin. For those who are after a deep tan or who just love spending time outside in the warm sun, dull skin and fine lines are the likely aftermath of the summer’s UV rays.

UV rays have become the infamous culprit to skin aging and weather-beaten skin, however, despite all the horrors of their effects, people are still willing to go outside and soak up those rays. Why shouldn’t they? It is impractical, to say the least, to restrain oneself from enjoying the summer sun that only lasts a few months out of the year. However, even with taking all the precautions possible such as wearing sunscreen and limiting your time in the sun, UV rays are strong enough to overcome those defenses and still keep your skin from looking flawless. That’s why Dermal Restoration has formulated Daily Restoration Cream to be the solution on how to keep your skin glowing during the late months of the summer and into the fall, as well as protect your skin from long-term damage.

While it is true that a single exposure to UV rays can stimulate your skin to make it look temporarily rejuvenated, chronic exposure will create the opposite effect.This is all because of its effects on the special layer of subcutaneous fat recently termed dWAT (Dermal White Adipose Tissue).This is where the uppermost fat tissue in the skin resides, so it’s no wonder that its condition has a significant impact on your skin’s appearance. Additionally, dWAT it is the portion of subcutaneous fat tissue that is most vulnerable to UV damage as it is so close to the surface of the skin (Alexander et al., 2015). Thus, when your skin is constantly exposed to the sun’s rays, the dWAT layer deteriorates along with your skin’s volume and elasticity. Daily Restoration Cream uses this scientific knowledge to directly target and replenish the dWAT layer and allow you to get clear, glowing skin during the late summer months.

The science behind how Daily Restoration Cream works in getting you flawless, radiant skin despite potential sun damage is all about the interaction between its ingredients and PPAR-gamma. The EFAs (essential fatty acids) in the cream reacts with PPAR-gamma, a nuclear receptor that regulates gene expression in the skin, and together, they bind to the DNA in your skin cells expression (NCBI, 2018). As a result, your skin’s behavior changes to nourish and regenerate the dWAT layer, giving you a great glow.

Now you can have your cake and eat it too; Get your summer tan and still achieve glowing and refreshed looking skin that’s wrinkle free. No more stressing out about the lackluster skin that comes with repeated sun exposure! Not only does Dermal Restoration Cream provide a way to keep a healthy glow that lasts all summer long, it will also leave your skin looking better than ever before. To make sure that your skin in the best shape possible, remember to always take precaution when it comes to the sun by wearing hats, limiting your time in the sun, and including sunscreen in your skin care regimen as Daily Restoration cream does not carry SPF. Be sure to follow these guidelines to attain your best all time summer glow!


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