How to Stop Your Skin from Turning Crepey

How to eliminate crepey skin

Recovering youthful looking skin is a desire of many, but is rarely achieved. One of the biggest concerns of aging skin is crepey skin which is characterized by several wrinkles as well as its thin and dry appearance. It can occur anywhere on the skin that has lost its elasticity in areas such as the neck, mouth, eyes, and arms. Fortunately, a revolutionary way to eliminate crepey skin has been developed and it doesn’t require having to turn to expensive plastic surgery and laser treatments. Dermal Restoration has formulated Daily Restoration Cream which provides a practical way to get rid of crepey skin and restore its youthful and healthy appearance. 

Daily Restoration Cream has been developed over several years through extensive scientific research focusing on how to eliminate crepey skin and other signs of aging. What is so revolutionary about Daily Restoration Cream is that its patented technology targets the dermal white adipose tissue (dWAT) layer of the skin, a relatively new but important component of the fat that resides under the skin.  

The reason dWAT plays such a crucial role in erasing crepey skin is because it is made up of cells that holds lipids (fats) which your skin depends on for providing moisture and natural defense against impurities and bacteria. Since dWAT is the lipid layer that lies closest to the surface of the skin it should be no surprise that the emergence of wrinkles and crepey skin is highly dependent upon its health. Indeed, dWAT has been shown to be lost as we age (Alexander et al., 2015) and there are differences across various ethnic groups that are broadly consistent with susceptibility to age related wrinkling and sun damage.

So how exactly does Daily Restoration Cream target and improve the dWAT layer and get rid of crepey skin?

It’s all in the unique patented technology: Daily Restoration Cream provides EFA’s (essential fatty acids) that travel across the skin’s barrier and interacts with PPAR-gamma, a nuclear receptor in the dWAT that regulates gene expression (NCBI, 2018). Together, they form a structure that can bind to the DNA of your skin cells and change the cell’s activity to nourish the dWATs and work on eliminating crepey skin! 

With sun exposure, imperfect diets, and other factors that age the skin, the deterioration of dWAT and plump, glowing skin is inevitable. However, Daily Restoration Cream can not only get rid of the appearance of crepey skin, but can help improve the firmness, elasticity, and overall texture of the skin. 

Daily Restoration Cream is an easy and safe way to effectively diminish that stubborn crepey skin and allow your original youthful glow to finally shine through once again. Thanks to scientific advancements, Daily Restoration Cream will leave you feeling beautiful, confident, and free of crepey skin at any age.


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