May Flowers Without the Spring Showers

Skin protection tips

Although spring showers bring May flowers, those flowers come with a price. Sunny spring days often feel like a blessing from the months of cold and rain, the sun isn’t always the greatest gift for your skin. With or without sunscreen, high exposure to the sun and its UV rays can cause great sun damage to that beautiful springtime skin of yours.

Luckily, the best kind of May flowers have been discovered in the name of dWAT - dermal White Adipose Tissue. These dermal adipocytes, layered under the human skin, help protect the skin from the damages of UV irradiation (UVR).

Wait, but you thought the Sun and all its Vitamin D glory was good for you? Although the sun is great in all its glowing glory, its UVR can reduce your dWAT 0 not so great because that makes your radiant skin more susceptible to aging and lowers your effective skin volume. Like the protection dWAT offers against the dangers of heightened skin aging risk, a greater layer of dWAT has been proven to provide a greater response to UVR’s threats.

Due to all the defensive and advantageous aspects, dWAT has been discovered to have against the sun’s often harsh rays, it makes for a great skincare product that will let you enjoy those nice luminous days and your young, vibrant skin all at once.

In addition to applying the powers of dWAT this spring, here are some more tips to stay safe from the sun this spring:

1. Take Advantage of that Sunscreen!

Although this advice seems too obvious, it is crucial to be frequent and generous with that protective layer. Remember to apply sunscreen 15-30 minutes before going outside under the sun, and when engaging in UV-exposure activity, be sure to reapply your sunscreen every two hours. Even if you’re in the water, or you think that you’re not in full contact with the sun, it is important to keep yourself protected from those damaging rays. For type of sunscreen, options over 30 SPF are a must and find a product that suits you best and offers UVA and UVB protection.

2. Stay Classy, Aware, and Protected!

Yes, of course, mastering those classy and fashionable looks on the first sunny days of the season is vital - but so is keeping that lively skin healthy, and this is not a difficult task! Tons of those makeup brands and items you love and can’t give up, such as concealer and foundation, can include UV protection in the product itself. These options are always great for your sun-filled summer months!

3. Bring out that inner Fashionista for some extra protection!

In addition to using UV protection containing makeup, your entire outfit of the day can help you and your skins stay happy this summer. Don’t be afraid to bring on those wide-brimmed sun hats and rock a long-sleeve look some days. Not only is this lively vibe only available to you on the hottest days of the year, it will provide you more shade and protection from the sun.

4. Get yourself some “dietary” sunscreen!

There are ways to protect your skin other than that white lotion you’re always using. Other helpful factors can be attained through your diet. Certain ingredients in your diet have been proven to help make your skin more protective. Some food options that contain optimal ingredients are citrus fruit, green tea, almonds and more. Some ingredients, such as those in strawberries, can also help you recover if you were hit with that red and painful sunburn.

5. Don’t forget that protecting your skin includes the clean up AFTER sunscreen as well!

Be sure to take care of your skin and give it a nice cleansing (such as with makeup wipes) after applying those heavy layers of sunscreen on hot summer days. Don’t be afraid to reapply that sunscreen, just be more aware when purchasing certain products and your routine before and after usage!

Now that you’re ready for that sunshine and prepared to keep your skin at optimal health, Dermal Restoration can provide you with a scientifically proven solution for all your worries. Using the powers of dWAT, our Daily Restoration Cream not only helps protect your skin, but it acts as an anti-ager and will keep your skin healthy and firm.

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