PPAR-gamma and why is it important for skin health

PPAR Gamma

Yes, you’ve all tried the endless skin care tips, tricks, and hacks, hoping to achieve a nice glow for the upcoming summer months. Unfortunately, these Instagram and Pinterest worthy “secrets” typically aren’t really secrets and end up with disappointing results. But that’s old news to you. The good news is that Dermal Restoration is now providing a product, not just another hack, that has a safe, tested, and scientifically proven solution to keep that glow.

The superstar behind this promising discovery? PPAR-gamma, what a gal. PPAR - gamma, Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Gamma, is a nuclear receptor that is inside of your cells and regulates gene expression. The reason PPAR-gamma is such a star is that of its role in skin and adipose tissue health, inflammation, as well as estrogenic hormone BALANCING. In order to achieve your skin care goals, gene actions can be initiated by the introduction of PPAR-gamma agonists, AND SOME OF THE BEST are often essential fatty acids (EFAs).

 Although PPAR-gamma is the star, Dermal Restoration is key to your skin’s success because of the Fat-Infusion Technology we have pioneered. This new technology catalyzes PPAR-gamma action and only has ingredients that are GRAS, Generally Recognized As Safe.

GIVEN THAT, IT’S NOT SURPRISING THAT DERMAL RESTORATION’S PRODUCTS HAVE had years of experience and no reports of serious side effects. This extensive testing and new technology have allowed our scientists to create a cream with PPAR-gamma that enables those EFAs (mentioned earlier) to travel through the skin and bind to special hormone receptors. This binding “activates” gene expression LOCALLY which allows for reversal of skin damage, increased dWAT (dermal white adipose tissue) volume (click here for more information about the power of dWAT), improved collagen production, and more.

Essentially, PPAR-gamma allows us to drive changes within the adipose tissue, more specifically dWAT, which is key to protecting your skin from UV damage and aiding in the anti-aging process. Overall, PPAR-gamma and dWAT are crucial to skin regeneration and helping you show your glow. Although skin care recovery and improvement is not a simple or easy process that results from one tip, trick, or hat, we here at Dermal Restoration, with the help of our friend PPAR-gamma, can provide your skin with the glow it deserves.

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