"I was so surprised at how well this firmed my loose [crepey arm] skin!  ... Very simple and PAINLESS! :)"

 - BG

"I worked really hard to lose those last few kilos so you can imagine my horror when I noticed the weight loss had caused the skin on my arms to go crepey.  Despite being in the best shape of my life I was forced to wear long-sleeves - aargh!  My daughter recommended I try Dermal Restoration and I can’t believe the difference.  The skin is plumper, smoother and has the loveliest sheen.  And the best news is I can wave my arms without fear of wobbling that registers on a richter scale!"

Marie, Aveley WA

"I am amazed!"

- JS

"Turning 50 hurt – especially when I spotted the first signs of wrinkly skin on my face and body.  I’ve used good quality moisturizers since my 20’s - so I wasn’t convinced a topical treatment would help.  But then a friend gave me a tube of Dermal Restoration as a gift and from the first application I could tell it wasn’t just another moisturizer -  it felt like there was real science behind it.  I’ve used the cream for just over 4 weeks now and I’m thrilled with the results.  My skin looks younger and firmer – you could even it say it glows!  I will definitely be back for more."

Jaqueline, Karratha WA

"I've been using Dermal Restoration for about three weeks now and I can't believe how much it's helped tighten my neck area. The skin is firmer and smoother."

Kristin, New York